Sedition Case…Are We Anti-Pakistan?

So apparently, Kashmiri students in a Meerut college were expelled for supporting Pakistan in an India-Pakistan Asia Cup cricket match and celebrating after Pakistan won the match. The college has maintained that there was a clash between these 67 Kashmiris and other students who were rooting for India. Is supporting another country (especially a country like Pakistan a crime)?

First of all, this would not have happened if someone supported Australia or maybe England. But Pakistan is more or less a sworn enemy for most Indians. What must be taken into account is that when we see Kashmiris supporting for Pakistan, even during something as insignificant as a cricket match, it automatically gives rise to separatist fears. Pro-Pakistani elements are obviously present in Kashmir, which are separatist in nature. Most Indians have utter disregard for Pakistan as a nation. The wars, terrorism and beheading haunt our countrymen. So when people from an “integral” part of India (which is a highly disputed region), it gives rise to fears of dominance of Pro-Pakistan elements in Kashmir.

On top of that, Hafiz Saeed, a LeT commander (who roams freely in Pakistan) offered scholarships to these students. A Pakistan daily went as far as saying that Indian security forces lack tolerance. It stung because to some extent, it is not entirely false. However, a hypocrite like Pakistan (who in a similar circumstance would have hanged them with a blasphemy charge) has no right to criticise or meddle in our internal affairs.

One must agree that the action to suspend these students that too for only 3 days is not a very harsh reaction. The authorities may claim their suspension was due to a ruckus that they created but the underlying reason is clearly a different one. At the end of the day, we appear anti-Pakistan, while 67 students suffer but one might say that these students were taught a lesson in nationalism.



One comment

  1. Raju Sagar · March 13, 2014

    Mao was right, “Power comes from gun barrel”. Under cover of democracy and right of free speech, nobody should allow to have anti national activities.
    There should be punishment for their deeds.


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