AIB Knockout : Who Are They Likely To Offend?


Most of us have already watched the All India Bakchod Roast that had been trending on Youtube for the past few days. Even though AIB took down the video, don’t worry it’s already been pirated and you can still find it. What AIB experimented with was a new concept of comedy for India, the roast comedy which generates humor by downright insults. However, none of the participants are offended by it since it’s all in good humor. So was the roast of Arjun Kapoor and Ranveer Singh (highly insulting for Karan Johar too). Although it ended up making fun of the complete panel as well as quite a few attendees, at the end of the day none of participants or audiences seemed offended. None of the spectators should have been offended as they went willingly and shelled out 4000 bucks (as AIB so subtly pointed it out to us).

So what’s with all the controversies? If Karan Johar’s mother isn’t offended by jokes on his sexual orientation, who are we to be offended? If Rajeev Masand doesn’t care about people calling him a paid critic, who are we to feel insulted? It doesn’t matter what kind of vile or obscene language (or gesture) was used to convey this, there were suitable warnings already attached. Karan Johar, therefore, rightly tweeted, “Not your cup of tea…don’t drink it!!!” If you find it highly vulgar, don’t watch it. Why are you curbing free speech when the only people it’s supposed to offend are the ones taking part in it? The fact is that the intention of the AIB roast was to make people laugh and that’s what it did. The group had no ulterior motives.

All the insults were targeted at people who didn’t care about them then why file FIRs against the participants? Simply because the language they used was offensive? As if you never swore or cursed anyone in public. While we may frown at obscene or profane language in public, we must understand that it was only for humor and not targeted at anyone. Unless the humor was generated at the expense of someone who was not a willing participant, there is no basis for argument here.


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