Pakistan’s Peace Paradox

Pakistan’s obsession with Kashmir has meant that the valley has always remained a flashpoint over the decades. Peace has eluded Kashmir ever since independence and repeated blows have been dealt upon Kashmiris who require nothing more than peace and tranquil. In this turf war between these two nations, the sole sufferers are the people. While both nations allege violation of UN statutes by each other, the gunfire continues abated.

Over the years politicians from both sides have tried to establish friendly relations but in vain – most infamous being Atal Bihari Vajpayee’s trip to Karachi and the subsequent Kargil war, for which the erstwhile BJP government drew flak. Every time an Indian leader puts a hand of friendship forward, he runs the risk of being bitten by the snake that is the Pakistani Army. Talks often break down and the two nations often chide each other in public after such incidences.

Even after innumerable instances, India has not registered the fact that the civilian government in Pakistan is more for show than for actual ruling. Civilian governments come and go as the army pleases and while these governments may genuinely want peace, it is not at all in the interest of the army or the ISI. No matter how many peace accords one may sign with the government of the day, it is but a faux pas. The army always has the last laugh in Pakistan and if a Prime Minister fails to go along with the army’s wishes, they’ve got a coup on their hands.

The bonhomie displayed by Modi and Sharif at Ufa shows how Indian governments have no other choice but to participate in such photo-ops for the rest of the world to see that we’re trying to resolve our issues though mutual dialogue when actually covert actions have become the norm. As often quoted, most nations have an army, while in Pakistan it is the army which has a nation. Pakistan has never acted like a nation, for the benefits of its citizens but is a breeding ground for terrorists and anti-India activities. In these circumstances, peace with Pakistan is for fools. With ceasefire violations becoming more and more frequent, Pakistan has its priorities laid down. It is for us to decide whether we like to be treated like a tennis ball, being bounced on either side of the court, or we wish to hold the racquet once in a while just to see what it feels like!

For too long, Indian leaders have fallen prey to this cycle of appeasing Pakistani politicians, only to be backstabbed by the army. Then again efforts to reconcile take place ignoring the giant elephant in the room a.k.a. Pakistan’s sponsor of terrorism. Why must we continue with this pathetic little charade? The answer is simple. India is trying to orchestrate itself as the big brother in the neighborhood and that image won’t go out unless Pakistan remains unhinged. Dialogue with Pakistan is fruitless and will be. We must ensure that we do not give up our dignity in the hope for some reciprocation of peace.