India’s Tryst with Cows and Lynching

The India of the day is viewed by many observers, within and outside the country as a Hindu Pakistan; ergo a nation founded on the false belief of the supremacy of a religion. We are now viewed as violent cow worshipping heathens who will do anything in the name of an animal. The truth though is hidden beneath layers of fiction and prejudices. Multiple new age left-aligned blogs and newspapers have come up that serve the sole purpose of portraying the BJP as a downright communal party for its avowedly pro-Hindu stance and portray Muslims as the victims of Hindu violence post the election of Modi.

There have been attempts to gloss over violence of Muslims against Hindus, as in widespread riots in Bengal, and the role played by other political parties in stoking communal tensions and delving into appeasement politics. The point being that Hindus are no more violent than they already were before the BJP came in neither are Muslims being victimized more than they were before. The public will always react to a narrative that the media creates. Blogs and websites that come up by touting noble ideals of freedom of speech are nothing but openly left aligned mouthpieces that are out to convince you that India has descended into an Emergency and that the nation has been overrun by criminal cow worshippers who will lynch you if you eat beef. By equating a nation that upholds its constitution and judicial values to a nation that has descended into Emergency, the journalists are either propagating their stupidity or are trying to convey their anti BJP credentials.

Fact is that cow-related violence is nothing new in the subcontinent. A vast majority of Indians (93.4 % to be precise) as per NSSO 2011-12 data are non-beef eaters. Cows are revered in Hinduism not only on account of their religious significance but also their economic utility. According to Martin Harris, an American anthropologist, India’s rural economy is dependent on cattle. Cows provide milk, their dung when dried serves as fuel, and they are in Harris’ words “Indian peasant’s tractor, thresher and family car combine”. Cows can survive in drought conditions and are symbols of wealth. More than being a symbol of Hinduism, cows are a source of economic wealth for any person who owns them, regardless of religion.

There have been well documented cases in Indian history of illegal smuggling of cows across state and national borders. It is this illegality that elicits a response from cow worshippers who are often distressed by the hurt caused to an animal they hold so dear, which is noble if done by an American animal rights organization (read PETA) but intolerant if done by poor rural Indians. No one denies that there are cases of violence, but these occur in the garb of cow worship and often called as alleged cow related violence perpetrated by Hindu mobs on Muslims with no hard evidence and only hearsay. Mob violence is an ugly truth in India and by linking it to cows, the media is doing the nation no favors. It is stoking a communal flare that refuses to die down.

What angers the populace is the one-sided reporting and the creation of a larger narrative that looks over other aspects of governance. When riots in Bengal erupted because of a facebook post that Muslims found blasphemous, no one talked about freedom of speech but when AIB puts snapchat filters of a dog on Modi’s image we are well reminded of our constitutional liberties and rights to expression. How come after attacks on Charlie Hebdo, Indians were quick to change their profile pictures to Je Suis Charlie, but at home, the recent riots in Bengal are covered as a conflict between Modi’s man (the Governor of the state) and Mamta Banerjee and not in the nature of violence perpetrated by Muslims on Hindus. How come an attack on Amarnath Yatris or that of lynching of Kartik Ghosh does not invite as much as condemnation from the popular media? The fact that you are sitting there scratching your head as to who is Kartik Ghosh proves the biased reporting. Where are the #NotInMyName protestors now? Are they against lynching in general or against lynching of Muslims only? The nation is no nearer to being a Lynchistan than it was before. The nation is no more intolerant than it was before.

Muslims and Hindus are victims of violence all the same. But by promoting a narrative that India is witnessing Hindu terrorism due to the BJP or Narendra Modi is lynching of the truth.


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