I never actually thought that I would ever start blogging. But, its baby steps that I’m taking towards a new hobby or a passion if you may say so. What I wanted to write about has always been India. Nationalism is an important aspect in any individual’s life. My passion therefore, is this country, its past and its future. To learn about the ins and outs of its formation, development and future is what I strive to.

My principal aim would be to write about this country’s politics and the recent issues troubling it. However, that said, I wouldn’t want to restrict my topics to a politics based approach. The country is defined by its politics but I would also like to focus on other basic issues like our way of life, culture, the ramifications of an international incident, foreign policies, military etc.

I ask you not to dismiss this as something that started in the election season and would last until then. This blog is unlike the sops which our honorable Members of Parliament provide us in such a season. I aim to continue writing this as it gives me a stage to voice my opinion. Please be aware that at the time of start-up, I may appear amateurish or biased (of course I have my personal political inclinations too) but I have tried to view a situation as objectively as possible.

Hope my readers like what I write, any feedback is appreciated and constructive criticism is always welcome.


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